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 Aviary Signups

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Sagax Hydra


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PostSubject: Aviary Signups   Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:49 pm





Hair color & style:

Eye color:


Extra feathers:


(If so) Wingspan:

(If so) Color:


Habits (Optional):



Any other Info:

Picture (Optional):
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Sagax Hydra


Posts : 1896
Join date : 2013-02-11
Age : 23
Location : Pompey, Worlds Beyond

PostSubject: Re: Aviary Signups   Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:01 pm

Name: Vahn Opett

Age: 17

Gender: male

Height: 6'1"

Hair color & style: Light brown. bed head, though makes it work

Eye color: Golden brown

Clothing: white T-shirt with slits for his wings, bluejeans

Extra feathers: A few feathers mixed in with his hair

Wings?: Yes

(If so) Wingspan: 12' 2"

(If so) Color: mottled brown

Personality: loves life, content

Habits (Optional): likes to wrap his wings around himself like a cape, though will often let them just kind of hang after a long flight. Will exercise his wings by either flying or using two handrails next to each other and putting weights on his back.

Likes: flying, watching people, talking

Dislikes: silence, people doing nothing, riding birds or machines

Any other Info: He's actually normally very quiet, and has been asked to join the Murder several times, some offers have even been thrown out. He keeps refusing them since they have to fly for work, he prefers saving that for recreation.

Picture (Optional):
{Couldn't find a realistic one}
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PostSubject: Re: Aviary Signups   Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:38 am

Name: Keira-lee

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5'11''

Hair color & Style: Loosely curled Sandy brown

Eye Color: Amber

Clothing: White shirt, jeans, grey cardigan

Extra features: Freckles

Wings?: Yes

(If so) Wingspan: 10ft

(If so) Color: Sandy Brown

Personality: Cautious, Quiet, Trustworthy, Secretive, Passionate, Intelligent, Witty, Fast.

Habits (Optional): Constantly glancing behind herself

Likes: Flying, High places, Being free

Dislikes: Crowded areas, mean people, confinement.

Any other Info: Coming soon

Picture (Optional): Coming soon
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PostSubject: UPDATED   Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:41 am

Name: Mila Jackson

Age: 17

Gender: Female 

Height: 5'9"

Hair color & style:  Light brunette, almost blonde usually ends up lightening majorly in the summer sun. Down, loose curls, or in a ponytail. 

Eye color: Hazel/green depends on the lighting, what's she's wearing, etc.

Clothing: Cut-off blue jean shorts, and a white tank top. 

Extra feathers: N/A
Wings?: N/A

(If so) Wingspan:

(If so) Color:

Personality: Outgoing, not really talkative though. She'd rather keep to herself, unless it's with someone she knows, then she'll never stop talking. 

Habits (Optional): Messing with her hair, biting nails when she gets nervous, biting her lower lip.

Likes: Not a lot.

Dislikes: Rude, stuck up people, her family.

Any other Info: Mila was born into an abusive family. Both verbally and physically. She and her cousin, Jamie look an odd amount alike, often people have thought that Jamie was her daughter, but she denies it and says she's her cousin. Maybe. Both girls can be fiery, so don't be surprised if one or the other blows up in your face. 

[b]Picture (Optional): (Click here for picture)
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PostSubject: Re: Aviary Signups   

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Aviary Signups
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