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 Family Issues...

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PostSubject: Family Issues...    Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:25 pm

I'm broken and bloody, misused and hurt. All the things I've loved in my life, is now gone... Nothing's where it should lay, everything's screwed up.
"It's your fault!"
I hear it everyday. Thank you mom and dad.
I listen to the yelling, arguing every freaking day. I just stay out of it now days, because I've learned that if I say something, everyone's going to jump on me and turn it into something it shouldn't be.

I've had a hard life. Starting when I was five.. and it's so hard to talk about and I won't go into details.. It's just escalated over the years. Someone, anyone, just shot me now. Everytime I try to talk to someone about it they always have something along the lines of, "You're 16! You just like the attention, huh?" Fuck no. That's not it. I just want someone who I can say, "Can we talk?" And then have someone to listen for once.

My family's prestigious and well known. But, not always for the right things... Me, I'm the one who stays hidden away, the one who doesn't talk to anyone other than people I think I can trust. I don't talk to strangers, etc. Not even the preacher at the church. *sigh*
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PostSubject: Re: Family Issues...    Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:42 pm

I know it may seem weird, probably because we don't know each other properly, but I'll always listen, well, read. You can drop me a PM anytime to get whatever off your chest. And I don't mind talking/typing about it, thats if you don't. I don't think you're attention seeking. You're a teenager with many family problems, just like a few teenagers around the world.

You can always count on me to listen/read. Smile
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Family Issues...
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