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This is a RP for all Big Cat lovers! Simply register, make your character then get typing! Don't forget to read the RP rules!
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 Here goes..

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PostSubject: Here goes..   Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:14 am

I just don't understand most people. I give everything I can offer to the people I care about, even if I don't know them too well, to be ignored entirely after everything! I'm not someone who likes to put their 'problems' out there, maybe once or twice, but after I help people, and they seem all nice and appreciative, they just ignore me out of the blue!

Its not exactly like I get on the bad side of people, thats something I try to avoid, but I have no idea what I've done to be shunned like this! Yeah, maybe people are too busy, but its not the case when their doing things with other people. I have a right to be annoyed, right?

Anyways, they'll always be those people, I've just got to learn not to expect everyone will stick around.
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Here goes..
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