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 I... I can't Speak...

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PostSubject: I... I can't Speak...   Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:26 pm

just came home and started to cry, wanna know why? Well here goes.

My grandfather's "wake" was tonight. Ok, so I was all excited about seeing Joey, aka, my fav cousin and my best friend when were around one another. Ok, so we played 'games' outside and one was really fun! We tried to kick eachother, because we both claim to have stronger legs- he's a soccer player, and I ride horses, and run track. So we start playing and I try to kick him, yet I keep missing. Over, and over again! So, in a quick decison I tried one more time. What does he do? Grab my leg and pull it over his shoulder and spins me around while I'm trying to hop around so I don't fall flat on my butt. Eventually he let me down and we did it again, it was fun. I'm not going to lie. I love playing with my cousin.... He's fun to be around. But, then it got intense. Chris, our 12 yr. old 4'9" cousin comes out and starts talking smack about me, Joey, and Alexis (My BFFL). Joey went livid. He knocked the kid down, had him in a choak hold and wouldn't let up. He was pissed. So was I, when he was saying all the stuff about how Joey couldn't get a girlfriend- then something about 'Are you going to just stand there sucking... *long pause* his thumb?' to me and Lex and a lot of other stuff-- seriously, the kid is 12!!!

Holy. Crap. We both just looked at eachother, then to Chris. I grabbed, or tried to grab, Joey's wrist to hold him back, but I couldn't. He picked up Chris and slammed him to the ground, then picked him back up and twisted his arm around until he was in tears. Joey kept telling him to shut his mouth. I could just tell this kid was not leaving without a broken arm, Joey doesn't know how to stop. Eventually he walked inside, and Joey just came over to me and Alexis and sat down. Something was said and we went to playing a game, again! So, he got my leg, and then Hanna walked over and jerked my other leg up, sending me onto my back and my head onto the ground. I just laid there a minute, until Joey and Alexis helped me up. Joey had to HOLD me off of Hanna. I was not happy--- who does that?! I was so shocked. Why? I mean.. Why would you do that? What did I do to you? I played a game with you, then you do that to me... then say I deserved it. Ha. Yep.

Then something else was said (Like something about... Blow jobs-- don't ask how it gets there... It just did. :/), and Joey looked at Alexis and said something like, "Well, you would know, right? You have a lot of experiance in that, right?" He just smiled and stepped closer, and about that time I walked away, but he ran after me. And I came back- then I actidently hit him in between the legs, and he grabbed a switch and started just hitting me, over and over again, and every time I'd try to hit him back he'd chase me. I was against the wall the last time he used that switch on me. People, please understand this is my best friend and cousin... I love him. I'm not playing. He's amazing... and sweet-- most of the time.
Wanna skip some time? Well, I've got lots more to tell.

Alexis told him not to hit me in the face, and he just said, so scarcasticly, "Oh, like there's much to ruin." Are you serious? I shook my head and said, "I'm f****** done with you." And I walked off, but he started saying, "Sara! Wait! Sara! Where are you going?!" And I kept on walking. I sat down against the tree and cried. I couldn't believe him. He's the one I used to run to when I needed a sholder to cry on-- it's always been that way. Alexis followed me and we started talking, but then when she left, I was alone with Joey, Chris, and his friends. -.-

At first, I was alone, but then Joey walked over and sat by me. He acted like he'd done nothing wrong, and acted all protective over me everytime Chris hit me with the soccer ball. This is when I logged onto my HEE account. He kept asking me, "Who you talking to? Who are you texting? Tanner ross? Is it a boy, girl, what?" And he wouldn't stop. But I ignored it and tried to be a good sport- then I got hit in the head with a soccer ball, this is when this guy... I can't remember his name, but he was so sweet, and flirted with me... (I'll post something happy about that in the winner's circle later) but yeah. After that it was smooth sailing... until it got to be right before we left. Joey walked over to me, and told me to come sit with him. I asked why, and he just said, to chill. So, I did. He's my cousin... and as I said...he's my best friend. My mom walks by and says, "I thought you weren't talking to him anymore." And walked off. Crap. I just looked down and Joey started to get mad, and I was starting to blush and get scared- I'm scared to death of him at times... But I explained then here comes Chris, "I heard what you said." Me "What did I say?" Joey, "What did she say?" Chris, "She just said something." Joey, "What's he talking about?" Me, "I don't know!" I felt like he was mad at me. I didn't want that... *Sigh* I don't wanna lose my cousin.

I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do. Advise needed, please... Milk and cookies to all.
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I... I can't Speak...
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