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This is a RP for all Big Cat lovers! Simply register, make your character then get typing! Don't forget to read the RP rules!
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 RolePlay Rules!

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PostSubject: RolePlay Rules!   Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:07 am

OK, here are the all important rules. If not followed, can result in your character being deleted, banned from RPing and even being banned from the Forum.

1) No swearing or offencive language.
2) Semi-Literate to Literate only. (No slag or text talk please.)
3) Keep things Semi-Realistic. (No flying, powers, etc.)
4) Keep mating details to a minimum please. Just: They bred. will be fine.
5) No fights with characters, unless the other person has agreed.
6) No power playing in the fights. (Opposing always missing you, or you hitting them every time.)
7) Make everyone feel welcome.

Please follow these rules, and have fun!
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RolePlay Rules!
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