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 RPing (Advice Needed)

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RPing (Advice Needed) Empty
PostSubject: RPing (Advice Needed)   RPing (Advice Needed) EmptySat Jun 08, 2013 1:43 am

Well, I RP with a few people, sometimes one on one, but sometimes its group. I keep thinking that they are only online to RP with each other, and only RP with me because they have nothing else to do. This kinda worries me, because I enjoy the RP's I do with them, and would hope to continue them further. But its like I'm not welcome around them, as if I'm the third wheel.

I dunno what to do, it might just be me jumping to conclusions, but I used to have abandonment issues, and I dunno whether its that frame of mind taking over my common sense that maybe it just is by coincidence they log off when the other one's log off, or one comes online when the others are.

So yeah, that's it really. I just dunno what to think about it, I just think I'm unwanted in some aspects, though sometimes I feel wanted. Its confusing, I know, but I dunno what to think about it really.
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RPing (Advice Needed)
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