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 Stupid people.

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Stupid people. Empty
PostSubject: Stupid people.   Stupid people. EmptyWed Jun 26, 2013 10:23 am

“Maybe your jealous,Maybe you just don't like me.It really doesn’t matter to me.I may mot be the best person at resolving conflict,But at least have the heart to understand what I mean without snapping on me.I tried to be nice,And you became a uncaring,Big headed,BRAT who clearly won’t ever understand what I mean.When I said “They aren’t ignoring you,If you were kinder they wouldn’t do that.”Well,You had to go and start something..Hm,Shows me exactly what kind of person you really are.Thanks a lot for being a good person,I know your friends enjoy being treated like that as much as I do.I hope you enjoy the silence,You have earned it.Thanks to the stables that stuck up for me,The ones that were kind enough to understand what I meant TRIED to understand,Unlike the one person I wrote it for.I must have to really be misunderstood if a single sentence such as the one I wrote to to make you understand why y0u were being ignored made you angry.I tried to not make a big deal over it,But you snapped on me and I was forced to do the same.I don’t like to fight,But when I am mentioned in a negative way on your Stable Page,I highly doubt you’ll  keep yourself out of a fight with me.I never have been someone to fight,I try to keep peace but when something like your comment is said about me,I will take measures into my own hands.My mother always told me “Treat others the way you want to be treated,And What goes around comes around.” You know why I said something? It’s because I am treating you the exact same way you continually proceeded to treat me. I  wanted to make things okay between us,But you severed the small thread we had connecting us with your comment.How about a round of applause for your show? It was quite entertaining.”
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Stupid people.
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