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 The Goal Thread

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PostSubject: The Goal Thread   The Goal Thread EmptySat Oct 26, 2013 1:25 pm

Simply type down your goals! I'll go first to make it easier.. LOL

Goals? Hmm.. So many.

1.) Squeeze into a size 6 again.
2.) Get my bad shoulder better so i can play tennis again.
3.) Stop passing out in class and hitting head on tile floors!
4.) Eat, don't just starve yourself...
5.) Get back into modeling one day.
6.) Become more outgoing.
(Theses are the harder ones..)
7.) Go to med school
8.) Get a degree in sports medicine and anesthesiology
9.) Get married, have a family- If I ever become fertile... Maybe one kid.
10.) Back down from fights and leave them be!
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The Goal Thread
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