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 A Touchy Subject....

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A Touchy Subject.... Empty
PostSubject: A Touchy Subject....   A Touchy Subject.... EmptySat Nov 09, 2013 2:49 am

Something no one talks about is... suicide. I don't like the word, personally... its a "disgusting" word-- IMO. Today I was at the court house, and stumbled along some pamphlets, one about teen stress, the other about... teen suicide. Have I thought about it? Yes, I have. I've deeply considered it many times. Anyways, when I was reading this, I realized I'm doing a lot of the things related to both; honestly, I don't know a teenager on this earth that doesn't get stressed out. At least a little bit.
Think about it, though. Think about how the people who commit suicide feel when they think about it, this is just what I thought about: "If I meant anything, they'd talk to me and ask what's wrong instead of assuming I'm alright." Secretly, I always kinda hoped someone would come out and ask; "are you, Sara, thinking about commiting suicide?" People wont do that though. They wont ask unless your this popular kid at school, or someone "important".
And I'm off track. What I'm saying is; read the signs... when people start just randomly pulling away from everyone they know, and make these slight remarks such as; "it doesn't matter, nothing matters.", "you wont have to deal with me much longer." Etc.

Again, bullying can be a horrible component .... what one person does, even if it's a small thing, it could affect someone else greatly. Trust me, I know... I was pushed into things I shouldn't have been when I was younger. Horrible things we wont talk about.... as I can't without feeling like it was my fault, and crying. People, my cousin... he knew what was happening. He walked in on it... yet he did nothing. NOTHING.

People need to be kinder, that's all. Help someone who you thinks stressed... talk to them positively, make them smile for gods sake.
/end of discussion/rant.
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A Touchy Subject....
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