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 Opinions Welcome <3 -unnamed-

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Opinions Welcome <3 -unnamed- Empty
PostSubject: Opinions Welcome <3 -unnamed-   Opinions Welcome <3 -unnamed- EmptyMon Jun 02, 2014 6:59 am

This is a rough draft of the book I was planning on writing. Trust me, haha, the plot is a lot more interesting. It had to start somehow, though.

All copyright goes to me, Sara N Gilbert.

Chapter 1


I slowly moved my hand over my alarm, sending it down hard onto the snooze button.

It is too early for this crap…

I sighed, trying my best to force myself up and out of bed. Today, I was almost sure, would be the best day of my life. Little did I know, what happened latter on, would change me –and the world—as we know it right now.


Damn it. I thought she went to work!

I quickly stood and made my way down the flight of stairs, phone in hand, as well as my empty water bottle from last night. Don’t ask… I don’t know how it got in my room. I don’t remember getting up to get it, nor will I. Let’s just get past that little detail before-

“Jamie Nicole Andrews!” My mother shouted from the kitchen, my report card laying on the kitchen counter.

Uh oh. She did not look one bit happy.

Someone’s seen my F in History… Just grin and bear it, Jamie. Grin. And. Bear. It.

As simple as that sounded to me at the time, I couldn’t grin at the large frown that was spread across her thin lips.

“Mom, I can-“

“No, I don’t think you can…” She sent that look my way… you know, that ‘I-don’t-care-what-your-explanation-is’ kind of look. Oh and did I hate it.

“Explain…” I spit the last bit of my sentence out. I slowly began to shake my head, refusing to let her get to me that easily, then I decided it’d be best if I finally replied to her. “Mom, I… I can explain if you give me a chance!”

“A chance? How many do I have to give, Jamie?”

“A few more…” I murmured, letting my head fall.

“Fine, spit it out then.”

I stood there a moment, staring at my hands, but not a word would come out. I had no excuse. I couldn’t even really think right now—I was too pumped for what would be going on later the same night.

No time for that, now get down to business.

What the hell did most teens do when their parents wanted the truth, and, well, let’s face it… this truth would be too much for her in the long run. So, what was my option? To lie.

“Mom, I was studying, but my teacher, she… she even admitted that the final had some kind of screw up. Or something,” I paused, smiling the ‘all-too-innocent’ smile I knew so well. It usually worked, too. “Like that… You know, the new schooling system has screwed everyone up, including me and my teachers.” I reached across, slowly and gently, rested my hand upon my mother’s shoulder, as if to assure her that what I was saying was the truth. “Now, don’t worry. I’ll make it up. I promise,”

Something deep down told me that this was wrong; to lie to my mother about something so stupid, so simple, but what else was I supposed to do? Tell the truth, get grounded, and not be allowed to go to the party? No way. Nope. Not in a million years.



I look over my shoulder to see Sadie, my best friend since…. Well, since forever.

However, I couldn't help but wonder what she wanted now. I mean, I had just talked to her an hour before... Dang girl, did you ever stop talking?

I slowly turned to face the bright-eyed girl who was nearly jumping up and down. "Mmhm?" I tilted my head to the side, resting my hands on my hips as I awaited her reply.

This had better be good, Sade.

"I got the invite this morning!" She grabbed my hands, and began to jump up and down, spinning the both of us around in circles in this so-called happy dance.

What? No... I hadn't received an invite to the party. I just assumed that... You have got to be freaking kidding me.

And suddenly, I realized I was not invited to this party. I wasn't the cool kid, I wasn't even one of the more liked girls at this god-forsaken school.

I forced a small smile while Sadie explained the whole thing, telling me how excited she was to be going  to the biggest party of the year.  With me. Her best friend...

I got it. I will just.... Slip in and pretend I belong. That's exactly what I'll do. And it will work. I will get in this dang party; one way or another.

As she walked away, I turned my head and began to conjure up my plan.

'How would I get out to get to the party?', 'Will I be able to get in?', 'I wonder if... He will be there..."

Those were the types of question flowing through my mind. I just wished the last one would stop. Dissipate from my mind. The only problem was; "he" was stuck there for good.

Now, I know you're wondering who exactly this "he" is. Correct? Well, you'll find out soon enough. I promise.
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Opinions Welcome <3 -unnamed-
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